About Us

Stan Zurcas (deceased) - Sherbourne Terrace Founder

The hospitality industry has been a way of life for Sherbourne Motor Inn founder, Stan Zurcas as he has worked in the industry since 1963.

During his time, he witnessed great changes in the area of hospitality and it has been a constant challenge to remain abreast of those changes.

Nick Zurcas - Managing Director and Overseer of the Zurcas Group of Companies

Having been a part of the Sherbourne since day one, Nick Zurcas says he has a love for the hospitality industry, which was the reason he decided to work with the family business. He believes the secret behind the Sherbourne Terrace’s success is the fact it is a local, family run business.

Nathan Zurcas - Manager

Son of Sam and Liz Zurcas, Nathan Zurcas has been at the Sherbourne’ his whole life, but he officially began working full time straight after school.

Growing up in the hotel and around customers he realised his love for hospitality.

Matthew Zurcas - Manager

In 2011, son of Nick and Maria Zurcas, Matthew Zurcas made the decision to join the Sherbourne Terrace team because of his interest in the family run business. He believes the success of the Sherbourne’ has come from the fact that not only is it family run but the staff and management have a great understanding of their patrons.

Our Story

THE Sherbourne Terrace building first started its life from 1966 as the Commodore, then transformed into the Inlander in the early 1970s before Stan Zurcas and his family left their Numurkah hotel to eventually open what would become one of the city’s most prestigious hotels, the Sherbourne Motor Inn.

The Sherbourne’s first major renovation was in 1980, when the Zurcas family decided to extend the building to include the Shakers disco and drive-in bottle shop.

In the mid 1980s, the building saw its next extension, where another 34 motel rooms and Banquet Function Room were added and a change to its title to become the now well-known Sherbourne Terrace.

By the time 1992 came around, the Zurcas family decided it was time to remodel the façade and install the establishment’s first gaming room upstairs with 49 machines, but it still didn’t look like the Sherbourne Terrace as seen today until 1998, when the front of the building was extended and the gaming room brought downstairs.

Managing director and son of Stan, Nick Zurcas said that the family had always been involved in hospitality and orchards in the region, with the first Zurcas family hotel being operated in Numurkah in the early 1960s.

“After the hotel in Numurkah, we then purchased the GV Hotel in the mid 1960s and through the growth of the family, our cousins purchased the GV Hotel from us and our side of the family purchased the Sherbourne Motor Inn.

“It’s been a huge part of all of our lives and I am sure that everyone in the Goulburn Valley has a memory of this hotel. Everyone would have a story of this hotel whether it be from a wedding, the nightclubs, engagements, conferences, dining or just relaxing with a drink alongside friends.

“When it comes to hospitality, there is nothing you can’t do at the Sherbourne. It’s a one-stop hospitality complex.”